Sarah Hellström | Breakfast Muffins
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Breakfast Muffins

Frukost muffins !

Dessa små godingar är både goda, enkla att göra & super hälsosamma ! Passar perfekta till frukost eller fika 😀

Ät dom som dom är eller med en klick kvarg eller jordnötssmör till😋😋

1 ägg

1 dl havregryn

1 msk cocosflingor

1/2 dl valfri mjölk

1 tesked kanel

En nypa havssalt

Frysta blåbär (Gärna de stora)

Cocos olja

Mosa bananen & blanda med havregryn, cocos, kanel och salt. Smörj små formar med cocos olja och häll i i smeten. Toppa med blåbären och grädda i ugnen på 200 C ca 15 min.

Vill du ha muffinsen lite ”fluffigare” kan du addera en nypa bakpulver🙌🏻

Happy baking !



For those of you who wanted the recipe of my breakfast muffins I made the other day. Here it is ! Super easy, super tasty and best of all, they are super healthy which makes is a great start of the day🌟🌟
1 little banana / or half big (a little brown makes the best taste)
1 egg
1 dl oats
1 tablespoon cocoflakes 
1 teaspoon cinnamon
A pinch of sea salt
Blueberries (On top)
Coconut oil

Smash the banana and mix with the rest of the ingredients!
Wipe the inside of the little molds with some coconut oil and pour the mass into it, put the blueberries on top. Bake in owen 200C, approximately 15 min. Eat as they are or serve with some greek yogurt, peanut butter or whatever you feel like🤗
If you want then more beautiful () you can probably add a little baking soda, makes them a bit fluffy🙌🏻

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